tips to ship your fragile item

When your business is shipping fragile items, one common concern is the safety of the fragile items during transport. We understand the importance of delivering the products safely to the customers. Due to the higher risk of breakage and getting damaged easily, they need to be handled with utmost care.

Corrugated Cardboard boxes are the best commercial and one of the effective ways to ship goods, both hazardous and non-hazardous. However, to ensure the safety of the product, corrugated shipping boxes must be used properly. 

Here are a few tips to know how to keep your fragile products safe in transit when shipping them using a corrugated box.

Essential tips to ship your fragile item safely

  1. Choose the right size of box for your product

    The first thing to do is to select the right size and design of the corrugated box. Choosing the box that’s too big for the product, might increase the chances of the product being jostled around while moving and end up damaging it. You must ensure that the corrugated box that you’re using is strong enough to hold your product. BcBox ensures the easy way to get the right box for you with our custom corrugated boxes. Choose the needed dimensions, your board strength, and your design options. We offer customized print needed for a modern corrugated shipping box.

  2. Apply proper labels and stickers on the box

    While shipping fragile items, it is important to make use of instructional shipping labels and placards which inform packaging handlers how to handle the cargo. The “Fragile” label on the product reminds the handler to handle the product with extra care. Similarly, “Keep cool” indicates that the product needs to be refrigerated, and the “This End Up” label prevents your product from being stored incorrectly.

  3. Use packaging materials to fill the space and keep the cargo safe inside the box

    Even if the product is packed in a right-sized box, there may still be some extra space left in the package which allows the item to move around. Hence, to keep your product safe and immobilized, you must void fill materials to protect it.

  4. Protect your boxes from moisture damage

    Moisture can also damage the items in the boxes as same as mishandling in some cases. Moisture can not only damage the integrity of cardboard, but it will also harm your product as well. Therefore, you must ensure that the packaging is more moisture-resistant.One of the most popular solutions is to use packaging tape for sealing out moisture and ensure that each opening point is properly covered. Vermiculite is a great solution for heavy-duty moisture protection.

  5. Make use of dunnage airbags to protect the boxes while it is in transit

    Even the most experienced vehicle operators will hit a few bumps, so it is important to be prepared for it. Dunnage airbags are a great solution to keep them safe from shifting and bumping up against other products while in transport.

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