Eco-friendly Packaging

Protecting you and Future Generations

If you care about what you eat,

you should care about what it comes in…

BC Box introduced 100% eco-friendly boxes in 2003 when the company installed their own corrugator to manufacture fully recyclable corrugated board in-house. Since the company’s major growth was a result of their partnership with food and health sector customers, our company decided to go nothing less than environmentally friendly products which is much needed for protecting the health of our society.

eco-friendly packaging

The management of BC Box was deeply concerned after learning about research conducted in 2008; related to prevailing food-packaging materials, which are causing serious health threats to humanity. Poor quality recycled paper packaging materials coming from many countries in North America are full of toxic substances and are heavily loaded with harmful chemicals.

Multiple research reports have been released regarding the countless health concerns associated with poor quality recycled food packaging materials in plastics and paper packaging. This toxic material has been the cause of cancer, liver disease, kidney problems, reproductive issues, and immunological problems.

In 2012, a study from the Environmental Protection Agency of USA had released another upsetting report to North American packaging manufacturers as 14% of food packaging made domestically with recycled cardboard were found with many harmful substances and require immediate steps to avoid the escalation of heath problems in our western society.

It should be noted that when hot products are placed in containers, chemicals from the box could leach into the food immediately and, in turn, injected to our bodies. Even the lowest level of exposure can cause serious, permanent and lifelong consequences, which is required to prevent these kinds of exposures by the every source of packaging  by the strict practices of sustainable principles.

Committed to Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions

BC BOX cannot achieve its mission without a strong, well-researched sustainability framework that drives our decisions and innovation pipeline - on what packaging solutions to offer, which partners to work with, and what new solutions to develop. Every day our customers in every industry reach out asking us to offer new packaging options.

We find that when we evaluate new materials and solutions according to our framework, a lot of them don't meet our standards and we decide not to move forward with them (even if that means lost customers and market share).

We set our rigid policy to care about your health first, instead of making our wealth.
We also know companies like yours are trying to make thoughtful decisions and may need support navigating the world of eco phrases -- recycled, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable, zero waste, plastic-free and more. Eco-friendly packaging allows both you and your consumers to reduce landfill waste and decrease their environmental footprint.

We developed and are sharing this framework to clarify - for ourselves, our partners, and the amazing companies we get to work with - what we at BC BOX mean by "eco-friendly packaging", why we’ve made the choices we have, and the future we are working towards.

Our Eco-friendly Sustainable framework includes:

⦁ BC BOX is fully committed to purchasing raw material (all grades of papers) that is 100% recyclable and acid-free as per high standards of FSC, for their packaging products.

⦁ We are using only food-grade Cornstarch to corrugate paper instead of any Chemically developed adhesive to manufacture corrugated paper on our corrugator machine to make the board.

⦁ Our facility uses only soy-based, water-based, or bio-renewable environmentally friendly ink supplies for all of our printing presses as developed under the strict procedures and principles of sustainability developed by the world’s reputed ink supplier in Canada.

⦁ All our wood pallets are also made from other recycled wood products and they are repeatedly used, and when they’ve reached the end of their lifespan, the wood is usually processed into other wood products, such as mulch, particle board, and animal bedding.

⦁ We assure you, when you partner with BC Box, you can feel good knowing that we are a leading supplier of Eco-Friendly packaging in BC. We strive to be a part of a world where producing and purchasing paper and packaging means caring for the environment and as a bottom line for you.

What do environmentally conscious online merchants do to help the situation? One answer is to buy only eco-friendly packaging.

We’re Ready to Help You Achieve Your Eco-Friendly Packaging Goals

Acid-Free Paper: Paper that has acid in it is what causes it to become yellow, brittle, fade, and overall deteriorate over time. Buying acid-free paper not only means it will last longer and can be reused more, but you also won’t have to worry about it deteriorating if you buy in bulk and store it in your workshop. It also means that if you’re packaging things like artwork or clothing, you won’t have to worry about acid seeping off the paper and onto your products.

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