At BC BOX Mfg. Ltd., we know that tomorrow’s world directly depends on what we do today. For this reason, we are fully committed to recycling waste, conserving energy, and promoting awareness.

Indeed, we support the effort to decrease landfill waste by increasing the recycling of paper-based packaging in our businesses and continually improving upon our existing voluntary recycling programs and practices.

We set our rigid policy to care about your health first, instead of making our wealth.

A small part of our on-going Eco-Friendly principles and commitment to sustainability includes

  • Utilizing paper suppliers who are dedicated to the reforest initiative of every tree they cut down.
  • Replacement of the lighting throughout our facility with new, energy efficient lighting.
  • Using motion-sensitive lighting in areas of low traffic area in our plant.
  • Corrugate is a natural product that is recycled more than any other packaging material.
  • Usage of Flexographic (water-based) inks therefore reducing the introduction of toxic heavy metals into the environment.
  • Recycling scrap corrugate from our plant production saves trees as well as reducing landfill contribution.
cardboard sustainability

Sustaining the earth for the future generations.

At present the human race is confronted by the question of it's own global legacy. Whether will determine the quality of living for future generations the current generation :

  • Chooses to live sustainably (prevent & recycle waste).
  • Conserve its natural resources (reduce consumption).
  • Nurtures the earth's biodiversity (being responsible).
  • Protects the air and water (from toxic waste).

FSC Certified recycled paper

To make sustainable packaging

When you partner with BC Box, you can feel good knowing that we use FSC certified recycled paper and follow their principles to make sustainable packaging. Whether it’s the box, wrap, the liner, or the folding cartons themselves, the paper material that goes into our work comes from trusted and responsible suppliers. At BC Box, we rely on a network of paper suppliers to provide the raw materials that are fully complied with the IFS and FSC standards.

FSC Certification means that from the forest to the factory floor, the paper sourced for our packaging is responsibly managed at every stage of the supply chain. This includes respecting and protecting the rights of indigenous peoples and local forest communities from which lumber is harvested.

A Greener Tomorrow Starts Today