An Eye Toward Economy and Efficiency

Of course, our efforts to deliver our key values would all be in vain if we weren’t able to back them up with sensible prices. Running an efficient operation that is managed directly by highly experienced family members and having significant buying power from North–American mills with their rebates allows us to sell our products competitively, without compromising on quality or service.

Cost effective

Our ability to order a large volume of paper supplies directly from the mills allows us to buy at very competitive prices. We in turn pass these savings to our customers by offering them great savings on their volumes. And, because we create our packaging solutions all in-house, we can control costs, operations, and lead times more efficiently. In addition, contract pricing and volume rebates make BC BOX is the only choice for companies who are serious about cutting costs on packaging.

Your Packaging Cost depends on Your Needs

We won’t prescribe a generic solution to your company’s specific needs. Instead, we’ll help you identify and understand those needs and then work towards a solution. We choose accuracy over a quick fix every time.

If the packaging is to serve as a distinguishing feature on the store shelf, it is worth investing in a modern design, attractive colors, patterns, or materials used. If the packaging is intended for transport, it should be durable and protect the contents. Remember that - in the end - it is the customer's perspective that counts the most.

BC BOX recognizes that manufacturers need a partner who will help identify opportunities for improvement and introduce solutions designed to meet specific goals.

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Custom Packaging Solutions
Custom Packaging Solutions
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