Our experienced team knows your product, application and industry. From National, Regional companies to family-owned start-ups, we have worked with the companies of all types and sizes. We understand the unique circumstances of every market and their unique requirements.

Fresh fruits and vegetables need special protection to maintain the highest level of freshness and visual appeal. At BC BOX Manufacturing Ltd., we understand the particular needs of each and every grower and each and every crop. We have easy setup, one-piece containers to facilitate field packaging needs.

Packaging plays a important role in your e-commerce fulfillment process. It is a major component for protecting your products throughout the shipping process, preventing costly damage and frustration to your customer. The proper packaging ensures your product makes a best first impression and provides a positive feedback from the customer in E-commerce business.

Our food and beverage boxes are available in different styles and in either custom prints or plain white or brown boxes. BC Box has significant experience providing packaging solutions to food manufacturers and brand owners to help them succeed in the marketplace. With low-cost, in-house prototyping options, we are equipped to check form, function, and fit early in the design process to optimize our solutions to the fullest.