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How to measure a box
How to Measure a Box
How to Measure a Box
Flute Size Chart
Flute Sizes Chart
Flute Sizes Chart
What are Flutes and Weights in the Box terminology?

The “Flute” describes the structure of the wave shaped cardboard material that makes up a board’s corrugation.

Do you stock any cartons?

Yes, we stock some standard storage and moving boxes. If we do not have your size in stock we can manufacture your specific size in any quantity.

Can I get my logo printed on the cartons?

Yes! We can print logos, product information. directly on the carton.

Do I need artwork to have my cartons printed?

Artwork is preferred. Having artwork helps to minimize plate costs and prevents mistakes. We can work with you to come up with a design.

When can I have my cartons delivered?

Depending on the type of box, quantity and board strengths are factors considered for lead times.

Can you deliver my order to another location?

We deliver the majority of our boxes on our own tracks direct to your location. If your shipping location is out of our shipping zone, can make arrangement with a common carrier to deliver your order.

Is tooling required die- cut boxes?

Yes, A one-time charge for a custom rotary steel die is required when a new design is required. Contact one of our slaes representative to assist you with your packaging design ideas

Is tooling required for all Corrugated Processing?

No. Standard shipping cartons (RSC, FOL, POL) do not, but other configurations may. For the proper answer please contact us.

Can I get ventholes/handholes on my box?

Yes, We have stock tooling for standard size vent/hand holes. Some sizes or styles may require a full die board at a one time cost to you.

Can my printing plates be used on multiple sizes?

We prefer a separate set of plates for each box size, especially if the printing varies. Where possible we will optimize their use.

Can I change my carton package to better stacking strength?

Redesigning and reevaluating the customers needs is at the top of our list. Changes from the current carton design may improve performance. The use of high performance packaging will result in increased stacking strength with lower costs.

What is ECT?

ECT is a test conducted upon a sample of corrugated fibre board in it’s vertical position with flutes oriented in the direction of loading to determine it’s resistance to compression measure as pounds per inch of width.