We are fully Equipped and Expert to Engage in Any Industry, Any Product, Any Material

Our experienced team knows your product, application and industry. From National, Regional companies to family-owned start-ups, we have worked with the companies of all types and sizes. We understand the unique circumstances of every market and their unique requirements.

We Provide Extra Services and Value-Added Offerings

Our proven approach helps customers improve their net income by increasing sales, decreasing costs, and improving productivity. We use our packaging products and services to help drive your bottom line. Hybrid suppliers go far beyond what a classic manufacturer or distributor does. Hybrid suppliers embrace innovation, efficiency, and a maniacal focus on customer thrill.

Industrial Packaging :

The manufacturing industry has diverse and evolving needs for product protection that are central to our business. We have hundreds of retail customers that require packaging to enhance the look and feel of merchandise in a retail environment.

Industrial packaging


Industrial Packaging solutions

We specialize in full-service packaging solutions that meet commercial, industrial, hospital, and military specifications of required paper, as well as export packaging services. Over the decades, we have become a trusted partner of companies of every size, providing all our customers with prompt and detail-oriented service that suits their professional and personal needs.

The engineering and packaging industries, as well as electronics, auto parts, hardware, textiles, plastic, printers, tissue paper, healthcare, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, all need a trusted and experienced supplier for their specific packaging who understands their specific production, budget, timelines, and logistics requirements.

Helping our customers manage their cash flow and utilizing their floor space efficiently and safely is an important part of our tailored services. We take away the hassle of having to purchase large quantities at a time and having to store them. Our storage and distribution network allows us to stock your cartons and delivers when needed, keeping your efficiency and productivity on schedule.

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Custom Cardboard Boxes
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Custom Cardboard Boxes
Custom Cardboard Boxes
Custom Cardboard Boxes