Benefits of using Gaylord or Tote boxes

If you’re into a business that includes storing and packaging, you might be using Gaylord or Tote boxes. If not, you may be wondering what are Gaylord or tote boxes and how they could be beneficial for the packaging of your goods or products.

Don’t worry! If you do not know what it is, you’re not alone.

Gaylord or Tote boxes are used in the shipping industry that is basically a large-size of corrugated boxes.  The term Gaylord is the trade name of the company “Gaylord Container Company” as they were the first to manufacture this type of box in North America.

What is a gaylord or tote box?

Gaylord is a large corrugated box that allows you to ship bulk materials in a single container.  It is simply a type of bulk packaging container. They are designed to fit neatly on the top of standard pallets. In current days, Gaylord boxes are named by other names like pallet containers or boxes, bulk bins or boxes, and tote boxes.

Uses of Tote Boxes

These Tote boxes are used in warehouses, grocery stores, and other sectors where there is a need for large storage and display of products. Apart from these, Tote boxes are also used in shipping commodities like clothes, books, agricultural or industrial products, and several other products in various locations.

Top 5 benefits of using Gaylord/Tote boxes

Gaylord boxes have many benefits to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers. These boxes can handle a large number of inventories as they are strong, huge, and durable with maximum product safety.

  1. Durable: Gaylord boxes are made up of corrugated cardboard and hence makes it durable. These boxes can be used for longer duration depending on the usage. Since, the box is manufactured by corrugated cardboard, the multiple layers of the cardboard walls, they become more resistant.
  2. Eco-Friendly: Gaylord boxes are reusable and recyclable. Therefore, they are eco-friendly material. Some Gaylord boxes are for single use and some can be recycled.  Used Gaylord boxes are more eco-friendly as it reduces bi-products like water-consumption, CO2 emissions, and saves the material usage of trees while manufacturing new boxes.
  3. Easy to Customize: As per the requirements, the Tote boxes can be customized into various sizes, shapes, and designs to fulfill the business needs.
  4. Branding: If you’re into an ecommerce business, Gaylord boxes are beneficial for you to attract more customers and create brand awareness through customized product packaging. Create a special appearance in the market with customized boxes.
  5. Cost-effective: Gaylord boxes are cost-effective due to two reasons. First, it’s easy to recycle and reuse due to its strong and durable nature. Another reason, it saves shipping cost as you can combine shipments. Also, used boxes are less expensive and hence it’s the best option for your business’s bottom line.


Gaylord or Tote boxes have been very useful in many industries – managing, storing, shipping the commodities. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly, cost-effective way for shipping your products, contact BC Box manufacturing and get the best packaging solutions.

Benefits of using Gaylord or Tote boxes