4 Useful Tips to Make Branded Packaging

Are you a manufacturing company or an e-commerce company that sells products? To stand in a crowd is just not enough to have a product and a brand. If you really want to focus on growing your business to the next level, you must also work on changing your customer perception. Hence, it is important to be recognized as a brand and not just any generic object.

To enhance your brand awareness, product packaging plays a very important role. Since the pandemic has started, people prefer online shopping more than ever. Hence, you need to put in efforts on making your product packaging brandable.

When your customer buys your products or receives your product in packaging boxes, it will remind them of your brand identity. Here are some branding ideas especially for e-commerce owners.

Branded Packaging ideas

  1. Customize your Shipping Boxes

Instead of shipping a plain box with some shipping information on it, you can impress your customers by customizing the corrugated box with your logo, brand name, the tagline on it. You can also include a one-liner thank you note to your customers and they will remember your brand.

custom shipping packaging

Some People who buy gifts for others will need the products to be gift wrapped. But branded products with stylish packaging boxes will be delivered without wrapping. If the package looks better than wrapping paper and shows off a fascinating brand name, it adds to the self-esteem of the gift giver. The recipient of the gift will be happy to flourish it too.

  1. Eco-friendly Packaging

Shipping bags can be customized to make them look beautifully pleasing. Give them a customized look with a classy touch with printed paper bags or corrugated boxes. For eco-friendly brands, paper bags or Corrugated cardboard boxes can be a great way for product packaging.

eco friendly packaging

Utilize this feature to share an interesting and powerful brand message. Eco-friendly packaging will allow your customers to reuse your packaging bags or corrugated boxes. Therefore, the longevity of the bags will enhance the brand awareness and recall increase too. The customer might also end up reordering the same products.

  1. Custom Shipping Tape

Shipping tapes can look more appealing when it is customized with a logo and text. This will help in identifying the boxes as well.

brand packaging

Shipping tapes look much more attractive when it is customized. You can customize the color, choose size and text, add your logo. Some of the leading e-commerce companies do follow this method.

  1. Courier bags

Courier bags are another opportunity to enhance your brand awareness. Irrespective of how much time you spent online, courier services are required for sending our physical products. You can utilize this opportunity to customize the courier bags with beautiful designs and include the brand name on them.

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